How to file for Social security benefits

How To File For Social Security

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If you’ve suffered an injury or illness that makes it impossible for you to work for a living, the Social Security disability program is available to help you receive financial assistance during your time of need. Unfortunately, the process for receiving these benefits can be long and complicated. In fact, in Kentucky, the approval rate at the initial  application  step …

Have A Happy and Safe Summer!

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Nutt Law Louisville is excited that Summer is finally getting into full swing. This time of year is wonderful to spend with families and friends being thankful for all that we have, and enjoying the great outdoors. While this means more opportunity to walk, bike, and adventure, unfortunately it also means more accidents. Whether it is a car accident from …

Louisville Kentucky Bike Accident Attorneys – Nutt Law Office

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Louisville is quickly becoming a pedestrian and bicycling city Take a look around Louisville and you will notice the city scape is changing. From the huge Omni HotelTo the Bridges project including the Big 4 Bridge and everything in between. Traffic patterns are changing and the big push for this ‘New’ Louisville is pedestrian access. Initiatives such as Move Louisville …

Distracted Driving (infographic)

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Distracted driving is negligent driving. For most people driving is an every day task.  Each day you sit behind that wheel you are taking responsibility for your actions. Every year thousands of accidents occur as a re sult of drivers not paying attention to the road. Here at Nutt Law Office our goal isn’t just providing attorney services to those …

Negligence law

What Negligence Means to You

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What is Negligence and why is it important? It’s the time of year when temperatures drop, water freezes, and normal activity becomes a lot more difficult. The cold and rainy season brings with it fun in the snow (for those of us in the north) but also dangerous driving and walking conditions. When the weather is working against you it …

medical malpractice attorney

Medical Malpractice Lawsuits

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The advancements that have been made in medicine over the past 20 years are incredible. Our doctors are more qualified and equipped to treat patients, and healthcare is more readily available today than ever before. Unfortunately however, the volume of medical care that is supplied today allows some patients to fall through the cracks. The hard facts. Did you know …

icy roads

Winter Accidents

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Don’t Become a Victim to the Holiday Season. The holiday season is a time for celebrating. It brings with it family get togethers, dinners, gift exchanges and so much joy. Unfortunately, it also brings extreme weather conditions which can lead to personal injury or even property damage due to icy roads. In fact, Each year, 24 percent of weather-related vehicle crashes …

Be Careful Out There, It’s Getting Colder

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Nutt Law Louisville is getting excited for the holidays. This time of year is wonderful to spend with families and friends being thankful for all that we have. Unfortunately, staying warm while doing that is getting harder and harder. With the colder weather coming, accidents become easier and easier. Whether it is a slip and fall on an icy sidewalk …

Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Pedestrian Accidents Louisville

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Pedestrian Accidents Louisville Louisville is undergoing a modern-day renaissance of economic growth and development. This rebirth means more and more people are flooding to the heart of the city, buildings are being constructed and new roads are being paved. Unfortunately it also means compounding lane closures, detours, and distracted drivers. Take a quick stroll downtown and it’s not difficult to …